3M™ Window Film for Office Buildings

3M™ Window Film for Schools

3M™ Window Film, the Clearly Superior Choice!

Features & Benefits of 3M™ Window Film

3M™ Thinsulate™ Overview Video

Keeping You Comfortable Inside – No Matter What’s Happening Outside!

Ultra S600 Demonstration

3M™ Window Film deters forced entry.

School Safety S140 Demo 1

3M™ Window Film deters forced entry.

Solar Control and Window Film

Reduce Fading & Improve Safety with 3M Window Film.

Window Film Tips on NBC10 Home Pro

An American Window Film installation in progress.

Security Film Attempted Break In

Actual video of break-in thwarted by security film.

GSA Blast Level C Tests

3M™ Security Window Film Bomb Blast Test

Will 3M Film Void My Warranty?

No more worries about your window warranty!