Safety & Security

3M™ Window Films improve safety and:

  • provide added protection against wind, water and violent weather.
  • protect against potential burglaries.
  • offer protection from blasts.
  • meet ANSI Z97 and CPSC glazing standards.

3M Window Films provide additional security and:

  • shatter-resistant protection reduces injuries caused by flying glass.
  • seal out most wind and water, even when glass is broken.
  • deter burglary by making forced entry more difficult.
  • only 3M Company’s patented film is highly resistant to penetration and tearing.

3M Window Films provide extra strength and:

  • 3M Company’s patented multiple micro layers offer improved safety and security.
  • are tough tear-resistant films.
  • are coated with a special adhesive designed to help hold broken glass together.
  • are designed for improved safety and security.

3M Window Films maintain a high level of optical clarity and:

  • use micro-thin, alternating layers – laminated together to enhance tensile strength and elongation.
  • patented film construction delivers superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact mitigation due to their ability to absorb shock.

3M Company’s Impact Protection Attachment Systems:

  • improve the overall performance of 3M Security Window Film.
  • combine the toughness of 3M Security Window Film with the 3M Impact Protection Adhesive or Profile.
  • have been subjected to windstorms, GSA and ISO bomb blasts, flying objects and rigorous durability tests.
  • meet or exceed industry standards.
  • provide greater peace of mind.