Peter_Davey_HSPeter Davey, American Window Film President, allowed his product to become a target at a local police station. The target was on display at the NEBFM13 Show held mid-June at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – and it drew a crowd of interested security personnel and facilities managers from schools, banks, hospitals and retail shops.
Prior to the show, James Davey, American Window Film Vice President/Operations, had installed one of their window film products, 3M Ultra 600 Safety & Security Film, with a 3M IPA (Impact Protection Adhesive) attachment system on a window demonstration unit. He delivered it to a local police station that accommodated their request to securely fire a weapon at the unit. An officer commanding an AR15 automatic rifle fired several rounds into the demo window glass with the applied film and attachment system. The results are impressive. The bullets went through the film and glass, the glass shattered, but the broken glass and film remains in place within the window frame. Small holes from the bullets were the only opening within the filmed demo window. The visual leaves quite an impression along with the realization that the product effectively works to impede access to a building through windows or glass entryways.
“I answered a lot of questions about our security films at the show this year,” reported Richard McKerr, American Window Film Representative. “Given the Sandy Hook shooting, the hurricanes and the Boston marathon bombing – immediate safety and security improvements have become a paramount concern for facilities managers and security officials.”
McKerr and American Window Film Vice President Sales, Jim Maloof, were pleased with the traffic that the American Window Film booth generated during the NEBFM13 Show. Both responded to misconceptions that they heard from a few visitors to their booth. According to Maloof, “There are some misleading suggestions being disseminated that security window films are bullet-proof. There are no guarantees that these films applied to any window will stop bullets. Buildings, especially schools, are not always equipped with the specific type of glass that combined with the proper security film may prevent bullets from passing through. A quality security window film holds glass in place, has been tested and re-tested for tear resistance and ultimately slows down intruders intent on breaking and entering. By retaining the glass within the frame, security films mitigate the potential injuries caused by flying shards, damage to property due to exposure to weather, and loss of business continuity…helping businesses get back to business-asusual as quickly as possible.”
Established in 1975, American Window Film, Inc., sells and installs 3M™ Window Film for a variety of applications including safety and security, energy conservation, solar control, and architectural and interior design. 3M Window Films provide heat, glare and fade reduction. Many meet LEED® Energy & Atmospheric Requirements and qualify for LEED credits. Awarded the 3M Dealer of the Year Award for 2011 and 2012, American Window Film, Inc. is a 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer recognized for quality work, extensive product knowledge and the ability to serve their customers to the highest standards.
Peter J. Davey is President of American Window Film, Inc, a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer located in Foxboro, MA, 800-274-TINT,
For Immediately Release – June 2013