Window Insulation American Window Film

Insulating window films shield your existing glass extreme temperatures, reducing your reliance on the use of heating equipment and extra layers to stay warm inside. Window Insulation American Window Film can provide window insulation film for all types of commercial and residential buildings. We’ll help keep your indoor temperatures comfortable year-round as well as greatly reduce your energy costs.

Advancements in window film technologies have increased dramatically and have improved the quality of our lives. From the original sun control window film patent issued to 3M Company in 1966 to recent roll-outs of dual-technology insulating film and daylight redirecting film, we have enjoyed a more comfortable, safe and healthy experience in our buildings due to installations of quality window films

If you’re looking for a way to insulate your residential or business without completely replacing your existing windows, insulating window film is one of the fastest and most practical and cheap ways to do so. This type of window film can drastically improve the performance of any type of residential or commercial glass, at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. Insulation using window film is an investment that can quickly pay for itself by reducing your heating and cooling costs year-round.

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