Solar Control Film American Window Film

Our solar control film products are manufactured by 3M Company, a $32 billion diversified technology company. 3M holds the original window film patent and offers over 40 years of proven window film performance in all climates and conditions. The 3M window film product line includes sun control, safety and security, architectural/interior designer and anti-graffiti. No manufacturer can claim to have more experience than 3M, the worldwide recognized leader in adhesive and window film technologies.

By reducing hotbed window films help control temperature throughout the home. Many clients see a cutting in their energy utilization which means lower monthly bills and a longer life for your air conditioning equipment.

Without a daylight redirecting film, when shades are open, direct sunlight can beam into an indoor environment at angles that cause nuisance glare and discomfort. As displayed in the photograph, after a daylight redirecting film is installed in upper clerestory windows, the light from that upper glass is redirected toward the ceiling, increasing natural light and decreasing harsh glare caused by direct sunlight. Even if shades are drawn on the vision or lower portion of window glass, natural light continues to penetrate into the space through the clerestory windows with daylight redirecting film. Cost effective integration into new or existing windows requires no extra hardware or infrastructure and little to no additional maintenance or special cleaning.

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