Safety window films help mitigate injuries and damage caused by catastrophic events. They help hold glass in place in the event of breakage. Business owners and facilities managers arc securing their properties in an effort to minimize potential injuries, damages and loss of business continuity resulting from violent weather, terrorist attacks and vandalism. All too common arc the secondary effects of blasts and violent weather – including injuries sustained from flying glass, walking on glass shards and the loss of business-as-usual due to property exposure to the elements.

3M Company began the history of window film in 1961 with their patent application and subsequent patent grant for a metaIized solar control window film. Responding to demand, 3M developed security films to address international concerns regarding terrorist activity including less publicized, yet highly destructive, vandalism.

Choose an ISO 9002 certified facility and a manufacturer committed to research and development. Verify that you are working with a manufacturer’s authorized dealer. An authorized dealer will be happy to have you check with their distributor or manufacturer for confirmation of their status as a dealer. An installation by a manufacturer’s authorized dealer that employs professionally trained installers will assure quality work and the security of a manufacturer’s warranty. With a plethora of films on the market, choice becomes a challenge. Knowledgeable SAFETY FILM representatives can help guide you to the best selection for your particular needs. cost effective insulating window film.

The 3M Thinsulate™ Brand is a well-known and respected brand name associated with products that have been delivering insulation from the cold for years. Commonly found on winter clothing such as jackets, boots, scarves, socks, gloves, hats, etc., 3M Thinsulate is now available for windows. Established in 1975, American Window Film, Inc. and their experienced team of knowledgeable professionals are well-prepared to answer your questions and help guide you toward the best window film product for your specific application.

Our window film products are manufactured by 3M Company, a $32 billion diversified technology company. 3M holds the original window film patent and offers over 40 years of proven window film performance in all climates and conditions. The 3M window film product line includes sun control, safety and security, architectural/interior designer and anti-graffiti. No manufacturer can claim to have more experience than 3M, the worldwide recognized leader in adhesive and window film technologies.

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