At a height of twenty stories, Hampshire Plaza is one of the tallest buildings in Manchester, New Hampshire. The building’s manager, Tower Realty Group, decided in 2001 that the property needed a total face-lift including new carpeting, paint and new doors as well as upgrades to the building’s restroom facilities and fire safety systems. In addition, they had plans to bring new stores and restaurants to the enclosed mall within the building.
As part of the facelift, Tower Realty decided to install energy efficient window film on the entire building. They hired American Window Film, Inc. (previously known as New England Sun Control of MA & NH) to recommend the appropriate film for the job and handle the installation.
Tower Realty executives said they expected the window film to in¬crease Hampshire Plaza’s energy efficiency and reduce the overall demands placed on the building’s heating and cooling systems, thereby reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of building equipment.
They also believed the window film’s look would add to the over-all attractiveness of the refurbished facility. Finally, they knew that the window film would help to pro¬vide a more safe and comfortable working environment for compa¬nies located in the building as well as customers who frequented those businesses.
American Window Film, Inc. installed LE35AMARL, a 3M all-season window film that provides relief from heat and glare and helps conserve energy. The com-pany completed the installation in March, 2002, a process that took approximately eight weeks from start to finish.
“This film gave Hampshire Plaza an attractive amber/ bronze look to people on the street while
the view outward for people working inside the building was sharp, clear and glare-free,” said Peter Davey, president of American Window Film, Inc. NH Account Representative Tom Dickson agrees, “In such a short period, the results can be tremendous. The Plaza’s sleek look is appealing to both employees and their clientele.” It also allows people working in the building to be more comfortable throughout the workday because this film minimizes any tempera­ture imbalance.
This film application carries a 5-year labor and material warranty from 3M.