Designer Film

Designer films offer an economical way to re-invent interior environments. From subtle to dynamic, a plethora of options are available to improve the ambience of interiors, to creatively display company logos and signage or to update an aging decor. Designer film alternatives vary and include textured, patterned, opaque or translucent films. Lines, dots, patterns, rice paper, gradients, frosted, matte or metallic — pretty much anything you can imagine is available in an architectural or designer film. Consider an etched glass look or the ability to die-cut a custom design for a unique statement — without the permanence or expense of actual etched or cut glass.

Choose an ISO 9002 certified facility and a manufacturer committed to research and development. Verify that you are working with a manufacturer’s authorized dealer. An authorized dealer will be happy to have you check with their distributor or manufacturer for confirmation of their status as a dealer.

The 3M window film product line includes sun control, safety and security, architectural/interior designer and anti-graffiti. No manufacturer can claim to have more experience than 3M, the worldwide recognized leader in adhesive and window film technologies.

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