By Peter Davey, American Window Film, Inc.

Winter’s on its way. We can’t stop t. But we can reduce the amount of heat escaping through your windows. We can reduce nuisance temperature imbalances — all too common a cause for complaints from tenants — through the installation of quality insulating window film. While we’re at it, we can reduce the sun’s glare that has precipitated closed drapes and blinds, compromising the view that drew your tenants to your building in the first place. Since the 80’s energy crisis, window film technology has improved dramatically. 3M Company now manufactures a family of window films designed for energy conservation. 3M™ Scotchtint™ Plus All Season Films work much the same way as their sun control films except that they offer increased performance against cold weather heat loss in addition to their solar performance (heat gain reduction) during warmer months. Featuring Wavelength-Selective metals which block more of the solar spectrum than conventional metals, these Low-E (emissivity) window films can reduce heat loss by up to 23% to 30% and can reduce air conditioning costs by blocking 55% to 73% of the sun’s heat. The patented construction of these films enable the metal coating to reflect more of the interior room heat back into the room. Personal comfort is improved and the reduction in drafts and fluctuations in temperature can generate considerable savings on fuel expense. Applied to the inside of windows, a quick, professional installation of window film creates little disruption to the flow of business. It’s inexpensive compared to window replacement, and it can pay for itself with the energy cost savings it provides. According to Jim Maloof, American Window Film, Inc.’s Vice President of Sales, “The majority of commercial customers who purchase our window films to reduce temperature imbalances and improve tenant comfort easily justify their purchase through energy cost savings. And they don’t have to rely solely upon our word. We’ve placed monitoring equipment that accurately records differences in temperature inside of filmed and unfilled adjacent windows. As a 3M Authorized Dealer, we have access to sophisticated software that projects energy cost savings. We often provide a comprehensive energy analysis that includes ROI projections for our large commercial customers.” Depending upon the type of window–clear, tinted, insulated, single or double pane–and the desired effects–energy conservation, security, U.V. protection or aesthetics–there is an appropriate window film for each application. Go with experience and follow the money. There are a myriad of window films on the market. With technical data available for each film for every circumstance, choice becomes a challenge. An experienced window film dealer and manufacturer with the financial strength to invest heavily and consistently in research and development will be your best asset when selecting a window film appropriate for your needs. An $18 billion diversified technology company and an IS09002 certified facility, 3M is the only window film manufacturer that produces their own raw materials such as polyesters, metals, scratch-resistant coatings and adhesives. Window film is only as good as its adhesive. A bad adhesive will produce bubbling and blistering — distortions created by ther­mal cycling that can ultimately result in seal failure. Unlike others, 3M’s ultravi­olet inhibitors are included directly in their adhesive. This ensures lifelong clarity and reduces UV degradation, thus providing long-lasting protection from fading of fabrics and furnishings. Their patented micro-layered window film construction has proven itself in the field. 3M has effectively responded to market demands through the intro­duction of solar control films, ultraviolet light control films, low reflectivity, high optical clarity and shatter-resistant window films. Their films vary in color, density and heat rejection/ retention qualities and their sun control films offer up to 99% U.V. protection. Indeed it’s time to hunker down and bundle up for the freezin’ season is fast approaching. But don’t forget to “bundle up” your windows. You’ll better weather the winter with window film.

3Mrm ScotchtintTM and ScotchshieldrM are trademarks of 3M Company. All rights reserved. Peter Davey is president of American Window Film, Inc., a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer located in Foxboro, M4, 800-274-TINT, www. americanwindowfilm. com.