FOXBORO, MA 2002 was a great year for 3M window film and
local dealer, American Window Film, Inc. of Foxboro, MA. At a regional 2003 3M window film dealer meeting, Jim Hondroulis, President of Energy Products Distribution (EPD), a 3M auth­orized window film distributor, and Jeff Bradley, Domestic & International Business Manager of 3M Company, gave recog­nition for outstanding performance to two dealers whose 3M window film sales for 2002 exceeded all others in EPD’s 16-state region which includes New England and much of the eastern seaboard.
In a tie for top 3M window film dealer, American Window Film, Inc.’s President, Peter Davey, accepted the prestigious Waterford crystal trophy for outstanding performance. Giving credit to a highly professional team and a strong marketing effort, Davey noted, “Between Jim Maloof, our V.P. of Sales, Jim Davey, our V.P. of Operations, and myself, we have accumulated over 65 years combined experience in the field. That’s a lot of valuable knowledge to offer our customers.”
“We also have an aggressive marketing program that has evolved over the last 27 years. We know what works and what doesn’t.” said Davey who presented his marketing concepts and practices to conference attendees. “Our team of professionals is proud to be associated with 3M Company. 3M holds the original window film patent and continues to invest heavily in research and development. 3M’s investment in R&D has enabled them to produce innovative products that set us apart from the competition. No window film manufacturer has more experience than 3M.”
Area 3M window film dealers gathered mid-March, 2003, at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland to attend EPD’s 2003 annual dealer conference held to recognize 3M win­dow film dealers who achieved high sales volume in 2002 and to share best practices among successful dealers. Along with principals of EPD and regional dealers, 3M Company’s Consumer Safety & Light Management Department representatives in attendance included National Marketing Manager, Jim Mannix, and Account Supervisor, Tom DeRosa. New 3M window film products were presented and discussed, and attendees departed with confidence and great expectations for increased sales for 2003.
When asked about plans for the future, Davey responded, “We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing…and keep an eye out for opportunities. We’re not done yet by any means. Along with the potential that lies in existing and historical buildings, every new home built or commercial building constructed is another opportunity for us to present and install our line of window films.”
American Window Film, Inc. (previously known as New England Sun Control of MA & NH), a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, sells and installs 3M window films residentially and com­mercially throughout New England and 48 states. 3M window films provide UV protection, energy conservation and increased safety and security, along with other benefits, for residents and ten­ants. Considered an expert in the field, Peter Davey has been involved in the window film industry since 1975. American Window Film, Inc. is located in Foxboro, MA; 800-274-TINT;